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 The Other Side of Me

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MCS Gl.Admin
MCS Gl.Admin

Broj poruka : 851
Datum upisa : 27.12.2009
Godina : 23
Lokacija : ♥My Magic World♥

PočaljiNaslov: The Other Side of Me   Pon Dec 28, 2009 3:56 pm

The other side
The other side
The other side of me

By day, I play
The part in every way
Of simple sweet, calm and collected

Pretend, to my friends
I'm a chameleon
Can make a girl feel disconnected

Feel like a star
A superhero
Sometimes it's hard to separate
(Got too much on my plate)

If you could see
The other side of me
I'm just like anybody else, can't you tell
I hold the key
To both realities
The girl that I want you to know
If only I could show

The other side...the other side
I want you to see
The other side...the other side
The other side of me

Inside, I try
To make the pieces fit right
A jigsaw puzzle everywhere

'Cause I flip the script
So many times I forget
Who's on stage, who's in the mirror

Back in the spotlight
The crowd is calling
The paparazzi and the fame
(It can drive a girl insane)


Down inside I'm not that different
Like everyone I have a dream
Don't want to hide, just want to fit in
Sometimes it's harder than it seems

Chorus 2x

The other side...the other side
I want you to see
The other side...the other side of me

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The Other Side of Me
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